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Images Look Too Dark or Too Light

Once an image is uploaded to FASO it is not altered in any way other than possible size reduction. That depends on the original upload size. Our system generates 9 standard sizes.

If your image looks too light or dark to you, the only factors that can cause this are:

a) settings within your monitor
b) a change in the lighting conditions in the room your monitor is in
c) if you're viewing your images on a different monitor

Every computer monitor displays colors and contrast differently; every computer has a different graphics card and color settings.

Web browsers display images in a color profile called sRGB. If you use something like Photoshop to edit your images, be sure to use the color profile sRGB.

Be sure to save your JPGs in RGB mode, not CMYK. CMYK is for print, while RGB is for monitors.

If you save an image as CMYK and upload it to FASO, the color may not display as you expect. In that case, save your image as an RGB (using the sRGB color profile) .jpg and then re-upload it.

Also see these FAQS:

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