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How to add Shipping and/or Handling Charges

Learn how to apply shipping and/or handling charges to your sales.

Depending upon your individual needs, there are a number of options involved regarding shipping and handling charges.

 This document covers:


  1. To adjust the shipping cost on a particular item see
    Shipping Override - What it is and How it is Used
  2. Use Invoices for Deposits, International Shipping, etc.
  3. If you are selling a painting unframed or framed you can choose to add the shipping cost to the retail price fields. Then select Yes for the 2 fields, RetailPrice and RetailPriceB in the Advanced Commerce Settings.
    See this FAQ: Show an Add to Cart Button for Unframed and Framed Work

Add a Set Percentage

Note: this works for PayPal users and Stripe users.

  • from FASO Control Panel
  • click Commerce icon (upper right, shopping cart icon)
  • for Standard Shipping Percent field, click the down arrow
  • select one of the preset options
  • IMPORTANT: Make sure No is selected for Use Paypal Shipping (Disables all FASO Shipping Amounts) otherwise your shipping percentage will NOT be added
  • click Save Changes

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Include Shipping in the Retail Price Field

Note: this works for PayPal users and Stripe users.

This is accomplished by editing individual items listed in your FASO account Artwork Portfolio, as follows:

  • login to FASO control panel
  • click Artwork icon
  • click the image or the word Edit for a particular piece
  • scroll down to Retail Price field
  • enter selling price including the shipping cost
  • then do one of the following:
    (1) provide a breakdown in the Description comment box section in the editing page for the artwork
    (2) mention that shipping is free in the Description comment box (this works great in this day and age of free shipping, Amazon, etc).
  • Save Changes
  • repeat for each artwork

Example: If your artwork is $1,000 and shipping is $150, you would enter the retail price as $1,150.

Under comments you could add:
Artwork: $1,000
Shipping and Handling: $150

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Flat Handling Rate

Note: this works for PayPal users and Stripe users. 

Add a flat fee that will be added to each order (ie. per order, not per item).

Example of a Flat handling fee of $10:
1 item: $100 + $10 handling - Total $110
3 items: $300 + $10 handling = Total $310

To add a handling fee:

  • login to FASO Control Panel
  • click Commerce icon (upper right, shopping cart icon)
  • for Per Order Handling Amount add your dollar amount (no decimal or cents)
  • click Save Changes

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Exceptions for POD Sales

The Standard Shipping Percent has been excluded on POD orders.  
It does not carry over from regular artwork sales. 

If an order has ONLY POD items,the Per Order Handling Amount will NOT be charged.  
If the order contains even one non-pod item, the Per Order Handling Amount will be charged.

Other PayPal Options

Add Shipping Charges in PayPal Based on the Buyer's Location

This procedure will dynamically calculate shipping costs AFTER the Buy Now button has been engaged and the buyer is in PayPal completing the transaction.

To set up this option, edit settings in your Paypal account as follows:

  • login to your Paypal account
  • hover over your name (upper right)
  • click Account Settings
  • under Products and Services, click on Shipping
  • for Shipping Calculations, click Update

  • click on Start below
    Set Up Domestic Shipping Methods
    or below
    Set Up International Shipping Methods
  • follow the PayPal prompts

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Notes on International Shipping in Paypal

Domestic and International are 2 separate options in PayPal.

If you want to offer free shipping in the USA and only charge for International shipping, you would choose Set Up International Shipping Methods.

Paypal will know the difference between a Domestic order and an International order when the order is processed.

For additional questions please contact PayPal support. They know more about their system than we do.

Also keep in mind that international shipping can be complicated and expensive. Many carriers charge by weight, size, and distance. There are also customs fees to consider. 

Another option would be to add a statement to the artwork Description field. Something like:
I require that buyers outside the continental USA contact me first for shipping information.

For an additional option for International Shipping consider using a Paypal or Stripe Invoice.
See this FAQ:
Use Invoices for Deposits, International Shipping, etc.

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Add Sales Tax in Paypal Based on the Buyer's Location

Tax calculations must be set up in your PayPal account.

  • login to your Paypal account
  • hover over your name (upper right)
  • click Account Settings
  • click Payment Preferences
  • for Sales Tax, click Update

  • click Add New Sales Tax below either
    • Set Up Domestic Sales Tax Rates
    • Set Up International Sales Tax Rates
  • follow the prompts

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Note: Please keep in mind that PayPal changes their database without notifying us. Hopefully the above info is up to date when you need it.


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