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JPG Images Recommended over PNG

How to upload .png files if you prefer them

FASO originally chose JPG (.jpg / .jpeg) as the format for image uploads because they're specifically designed for displaying artwork and photographs.

JPGs are more accurate and support a higher color resolution than PNGs. JPGs allow for millions of colors

PNGs were designed as a replacement for GIFs and have a color palette of only 256 colors per image. They compress more and are good for things like buttons and icons. 

For artwork images, JPGs are a better choice. We encourage their use.

For convenience, if you still wish to upload .PNG image files, you will be able to upload .png files without having to convert them beforehand.

NOTE: if you upload a .png file, our system will convert it to a .jpg.
Thus, we do not support transparent .pngs - or, more correctly, the transparency will be lost in the conversion to .jpg.


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