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Image Upload Size

Artwork images best at 1200-4000px

For image upload sizes for our Print on Demand service, see this FAQ:
Image Resolution and DPI for POD

Images from your digital camera are often the perfect size for your artwork uploads. However, if your camera is set to take raw photos, these are HUGE files and may never upload.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to check your camera's settings and choose the right file size for your needs. The file size is generally a product of both resolution and compression level.

We recommend .jpg files at 72 dpi

Even though we recommend 72 dpi, higher resolution images can be uploaded. However you run the risk of visitors printing out a decent quality printout from your site.
See this FAQ: Protect Your Work ~ Copyright, Watermarks

See this FAQ for info on uploading png files:
JPG Images Recommended over PNG

The minimum image size for image uploads is 1200 pixels (px) in the largest dimension. 

We recommend that you upload images that are 4000 pixels in the largest dimension. This size accommodates all template choices.

The maximum file size for image uploads is 35MB.

To better understand image size, resolution, px, dpi etc., see our FAQ Image Size vs Resolution.

The larger your image file, the longer the upload process will take.
Images that are 5MB or less load faster.

.jpg (jpeg) image files must be in RGB mode (specifically sRGB mode for those of you who edit in Photoshop or similar photo editing software).*

*For more info on sRGB mode, see this FAQ:
Images Look Washed-Out, De-Saturated ~ Save as sRGB 


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