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Free Contest Account Portfolio Limit is 20 Images

The portfolio offered with a Free Contest Account has a limit of 20 images.

This limit does not stop you from entering new images in the contest. When you make a new contest entry it will delete the oldest image in the portfolio and add the new one. Any old images that are removed from your portfolio will still be listed in the archives on the contest site.

The "portfolio" is like a "permanent" area and is different from just making contest entries. 

Images in the portfolio are used to display sample works in Informed Collector should you and your work get featured.

Portfolio images are also displayed in the FASO Social Network feed, connect.faso.com/artistname, which comes up when clicking on an artist's listing in the FASO directory.

NOTE: Free Contest Accounts are listed below FASO Website Accounts.

If you are under the 20 image limit, you can upload new images to your portfolio as follows:

  • login into your FASO account control panel
  • click Artwork icon (upper left)
  • click Add New Artwork
  • follow the prompts

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