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Sell Art from BoldBrush Contest

Offer your work for purchase from BoldBrush Art Contest & Exhibit

When you enter the BoldBrush Art Contest & Exhibit, you can offer the piece for sale.

When contest visitors want to buy, the Purchase button takes them to your site.

You make the sale & get collector info for your mailing list and future marketing.
See Track Sales and Customers


You need to have a FASO website with ecommerce enabled in order for this to work.

For the Purchase button to show, make sure:

Mark Your Entry 'For Sale'

  • From FASO control panel Home screen, click Enter An Art Contest (left menu bar)

  • Click Enter this contest (below BoldBrush Painting Competition)
  • Agree to the terms (you can't proceed until you agree)
  • Click Enter Your Artwork
  • For How would you like to get your image to us?
  • Choose:
    • Select an existing image from your Portfolio
    • Upload a new image
  • Follow the prompts
  • Under Sales, select Yes
  • Click Save these artwork details >>

Mark Piece 'For Sale' after Image was Entered

  • From FASO control panel
  • From Home screen, click Enter An Art Contest (left menu bar)

  • Click View Entries You've Already Made
  • Hover over the entry to bring up options on the right
  • Click Edit Entry Info
  • Select Yes in the For Sale? field
  • Save Changes 

As of spring 2022, we only take commissions on Video Sales and POD sales.
FASO does not take any commission on sales from the Boldbrush competition.

Learn More or Purchase this Artwork button

Image example with:

  • ecommerce enabled
  • retail price added
  • marked as 'for Sale' on contest entry

You will see the Purchase button on the contest site. Clicking the button takes the buyer right to the artist's site to complete their transaction.

Inquire about this artwork button

Image example with 

  • ecommerce enabled
  • NO retail price listed
  • marked 'for Sale' on Contest entry

Note: without a retail price listed, there will be no Add to Cart button on the listing on website. 

No button displayed

Image example with:

  • not marked 'for Sale' on contest entry
  • no retail price listed
  • ecommerce not enabled


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