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Popular Painting Vote Button

Current Most Popular Painting by Votes

Each BoldBrush Contest entry offers the following:

The Facebook Like button is not a vote.
See this FAQ: Facebook 'Likes' Are Not a Vote 

Clicking on the Like button adds the image and link for that entry to the visitor's Facebook wall under Recent Activity (left column).

Neither the Vote Button or the FB Like button have any effect on who actually wins in the competition.

Winners are selected by a judge.

The Vote button and the Facebook Like buttons are just for fun. They both provide additional exposure by
(1) displaying your entry in the Most Popular grouping and
(2) sharing your entry on friends' Facebook pages.

Invite your friends to visit the BoldBrush Contest site and Vote for your painting! Share the entry's url with them. To obtain the url of your entry:

  • go to your entry on the contest site
  • copy the url (from browser's address bar)
    It will look like this:
    http://faso.com/boldbrush/painting/{{entry number goes here}}

The vote system doesn't require a login. Simply:

  • click the Vote button
  • enter your email address
  • open the vote confirmation in email
  • click the confirmation link  

One vote gets added to your contest entry.

You can also add a request to Vote for your entry on your Facebook page as follows:

  • go to your entry on the contest site
  • click on the Vote button
  • copy the url that shows in the address bar of the pop-up window
  • go to your Facebook page
  • add the url to the comment field
  • post


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