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Website Security Certificate Error

If you receive a Website Security Certificate Error when attempting to visit your FASO website, there is no cause for alarm.

Sometimes these warnings are innocent (as with your FASO website) but sometimes they’re a sign of malicious intent. So granted, it is important to take notice of such an error.

You can see that our SSL is valid and can be verified at this SSL Checker:

The certificate validates on all services we are aware of and works in all versions of the browsers we have access to.

You can see that the certificate is valid all the way up the chain.

How to Resolve

  • Check the time on your computer. If it’s not correct, your browser sees the website certificate as expired. Reset the time on your computer by right-clicking on the clock/time in your notification tray. Adjust your computer to the correct date and time.
  • Add data.fineartstudioonline.com and cloud.fineartstudioonline.com to your trusted sites.
  • Request an SSL certificate for your site, if you haven't already done so.
  • Use a different browser.

NOTE: Despite how excellent browsers have gotten, website consumption is such a complex matter these days that every one of them will encounter particular sites that won't display correctly. It’s always a good idea to have more than one browser installed. They're all free, fast, and compliant, but each of today's Web browser choices has its own particular capabilities and features that may best suit your needs at any given time.

Related Issue

Invalid Security Certificate Notice in Safari

This is a known problem with Safari that has happened intermittently for years. Our certificate is not invalid, there is absolutely no danger.


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