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How can I better promote my website on social media?

Click Here to watch this video, Social Media Marketing with Boldbrush hosted by Dave Geada, our Chief Marketing Officer.

Be sure to read the comments! You will find a lot of helpful info in the questions and answers.

Social media has become a powerful tool for both reaching new fans and staying in touch with established followers and collectors. 

Setting up business accounts/pages on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest is a great way to generate and maintain interest in your art.

Utilizing social media to promote your artwork does takes time and dedication however significant payoffs are often the outcome.

FASO understands the challenges. We offer several options to help you kickstart your social media marketing.


The first step is to sign up for a Facebook Personal and Business page. 

Next you will want to integrate your website with your Facebook account. 

See this FAQ for How To:
Integrate Your FASO Site with Facebook

There are 2 advantages of doing this.

  1. You can add a newsletter signup tab to your business page. This can not be added to your personal page.
  2. When you add a blog post, you can easily share the blog post on your timeline (profile) or on any of your business pages.

FASO Social Media Buttons

FASO Social Media Buttons allow you to add Icon Links to Your Social Media Profiles to Your Website.  

For Facebook, you can link to either your Business or Personal page. This makes it easy for website visitors to follow you on ALL your social media sites.

FAQ: How do I add icon links to my social media profiles?

Share Artwork, Blog Posts and Newsletters

Whenever you add new artwork, a new blog post or send a newsletter, be sure to post links to those on Facebook. Add the links to the Status section of your Facebook Personal and/or Business page.

Share Artwork:

When you want to share your artwork on Facebook, post the link from your website, rather than uploading the artwork directly. When you post a link, it will show the image, title, link, and the first few lines of the description. The viewer can easily click a link to go to your website.

This markets your site, plus it may help keep your images more secure.

  • From your live/public website
  • click on the image to open it
  • copy (Ctrl C) the image url from the address bar
  • login to your Facebook account
  • paste (Ctrl V) the url into the Status field (where it shows: What's on your mind?)
  • Click Post

4 Ways to Share your Blog Post:

2 From inside FASO account Control Panel

1.  When you post the blog, just say Yes when you get to the screen that asks if you wish to share on FB

2. Click Blog icon (upper row) for a list of all your blog posts. To the far right of each post click on the link that says Share on Facebook.

2 From Blog on your Live Website

3. At the bottom of the post, you will see a Facebook Share link, as well as other sharing options. Click F Share. You will have the option to share to your timeline or business page. You can share on both.

4. click on Blog Post title to open individual post
copy the url from the address bar
login to your Facebook account
paste the url into the Status field (where it shows: What's on your mind?)
Click Post

To link to your Sent newsletter:

  • From your live/public website
  • click on Email Newsletter category
    or go to yourdomainname.com/newsletter-archive
  • copy (Ctrl C) the url from the address bar
  • login to your Facebook account
  • paste (Ctrl V) the url into the Status field (where it shows: What's on your mind?)
  • include some text, if you would like
  • click Post


In addition to Facebook, Instagram is a great social media site for artists. Since Instagram is all about images it's perfect for artists.

People can follow, like and comment, just like on Facebook.

If you are not on instagram, download the app and start sharing images directly from your mobile device (phone or tablet). 

Also see this article:
How to Post to Instagram From Your Desktop Computer

Check out these links for helpful information on getting started with Instagram

Also add a social media icon link to your Instagram profile on your site.
FAQ: How do I add icon links to my social media profiles?

In your Instagram profile be sure to add the link to your website.

NOTE: You can not add live links with photos you upload and share. Instagram does not allow for hyperlinks in posts.

Be sure to add comments and hashtags to each image you share.  

Hashtags work like keywords. Your images will be grouped with others using the same hashtags which facilitates more people finding and following you and your image posts.

For more info on hashtags, see this FAQ:
Instagram Designed for Mobile Use. How to Share Artwork.

Final Thoughts

Pinterest, Twitter, and DailyPaintWorks are also good places to share your art.

Facebook and Instagram seem to work best for artists. To make it easier, you can connect your accounts and share on multiple social media sites at once. For example, when you share a photo on Instagram, you can also share the same photo on Facebook and Twitter from your Instagram account (using the final screen that comes up in the Sharing procedure).

Click Here for an excellent article on
Social Media Marketing for Artists
by Dave Geada

And here is a great 2 minute video:
Two Minute Art Marketing - The Right Way to Sell Art Online


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