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iPhone HEIC Images Causing Image Uploading Issues

iPhone 11

If you have photographed your artwork using an iPhone (iPhone 11 as well as other iPhone versions), those images download automatically into your photos on the Mac.

If you are having trouble uploading these images to your FASO control panel, the problem may be due to the images being saved as HEIC (High Efficiency Image Format).

In the upload screen, your images may show up with distorted color or not show at all.

Here are possible error messages you may have received:

  • full-size images not allowed
  • image needs to be a JPEG not HEIC

The following options are available.

1. Convert the HEIC images to JPEGs using a free service such as heictojpg.com.

2. Open the image in Preview (Apple program).
Click on Export (under File).
Select JPEG for format to save.

3. Change a setting on your iPhone:

  • Open the Settings app on the iPhone and go to Camera

  • Choose Formats and select Most Compatible to shoot photos in JPEG format on iPhone camera.

  • Exit out of Settings.

For more info about iPhone HEIC image format, see this MacPaw article:
HEIC format explained: Why does iPhone use HEIC system?

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