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Signature Requirement on BoldBrush Contest Entry

The BoldBrush competition rules stipulate the following:

18. You may only submit your own artworks that you, personally painted
(We reserve the right to demand proof that is your original artwork created solely by you....if it's not then your entry will be disqualified....and other bad stuff will happen [ominous music here].)

19. Make sure that your painting is signed and that the signature is visible in the image you upload
(This helps us with verification.)

We added the signature rule primarily so we can verify ownership of a piece if the question is ever raised. Luckily to date, we've never had a problem with this. 

There are exceptions to every rule. Some artists sign their paintings with just initials, others only sign the back of their paintings. So naturally, not every entry is going to contain the artist's signature.

In general we are very trusting, but we all know that there are people out there who do not respect others. That sort of person has been known to steal paintings, label them as their own, and try to get away with it.

Our signature rule helps protect you, us, and all of the artists who live with integrity.

If you were to be an award-winner and someone questioned the rightful owner/creator of your entry, we would just ask at that time for proof of ownership.

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