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Privacy Setting on Domains - Domain Not Registered Under Your Name

When you register a domain name with FASO or transfer your domain name to our domain registrar, we add a Privacy Setting to your domain, free of charge.

This Privacy Setting ensures that your personal info does not show in public records for domain names which protects you from domain scammers and domain slammers.

The Privacy Setting is as follows:

For the Finest Artists ~ FASO Private Domains
PO Box 700534
San Antonio, Texas 78270
United States
[email protected]
210 787 1411

Screenshot from a whois database record:

We don't register domains under the artist's name for 2 reasons:

1. To Protect Your Privacy
If it's registered in your name, your personal information is available to the entire world via a WhoIs search.

2. To Avoid Spammers and Slammers
To prevent scoundrels from tricking you into moving your domain to their company.

Plus We Save You Money
All our paid membership plans include at least one domain registration. You save $$$ when we include the domain with your service.


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