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How do I use PayPal and add Buy Now buttons?

All FASO Accounts have built-in eCommerce and a world-class shopping cart.

To attach your Paypal account to your FASO website and add Buy Now buttons:

  • log into your FASO account control panel
  • click Commerce icon (upper row, towards the right)
  • click Click here to begin
  • if you do not have a PayPal account, click on the PayPal logo in order to set up a PayPal account
  • if you already have an account, click on Click here to continue if you already set up your PayPal account
  • enter the email address that is registered with your PayPal account
  • click Submit to finalize the process.

Your website will automatically create Buy Now buttons for any artwork showing a price, and Availability as blank or Available

Once you mark an image as Sold, it will not show the Buy Now button.

For info on how you are notified of a sale by PayPal please see this FAQ:
FASO did not notify me of my PayPal sale. What's up?

To change the appearance of your Buy Now Buttons, see this FAQ:
How do I change the appearance or text on my Paypal Buy Now buttons?

To add a retail price to an item:

  • from FASO control panel
  • click Artwork icon (upper row)
  • click on the image you want to edit
  • scroll down to RetailPrice field
  • enter the amount
  • Save Changes

When you sign up for a PayPal account, you choose from 3 options: 

  • Personal
  • Premier
  • Business 

Personal account transactions are free.
You'll need Premier or Business to accept credit cards.

PayPal charges a small fee on sales (2.9% + $0.30 per sale) applied only to completed transactions. Opening a PayPal account and withdrawing money to a U.S. bank account are free. PayPal does not charge set-up, gateway or monthly fees to maintain an account.

For the most up-to-date information about PayPal accounts and fees, please see PayPal's account and fee documentation and complete fee schedule.

Click Here to learn which PayPal account type is right for you.

Click Here to learn about Paypal Fees

FASO does not charge any fee on your sales. 

FASO has no access to PayPal records, hence we do not have a way to track artwork sales from each individual artist website.

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