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Tag Artwork as Sold or Set Up Auto-Mark as Sold

Manually mark a piece as sold, and/or steps to have it done for you

Change the Availability

When you receive an email that a piece has sold, tag it as Sold in your FASO control panel by changing the Availability. This will remove the Add to Cart button from it:

  • log into FASO Control Panel
  • click Artwork icon - upper row
  • click on thumbnail of artwork to edit
  • for Availability, select Sold from drop-down menu
  • click Save Changes

Auto-Mark as Sold:

We have a new feature that is in Beta (development) to automatically flag sold artwork as Sold.

Here's a 4-min. video with the overview (try full-screen when viewing):

(Be sure to see the rest of this FAQ below for more detailed info.)

Step 1:

Click here to learn about Instant Payment Notification on Paypal's site. Or paste this into your address bar:

A) Copy (CTRL/C) the FASO artist website IPN notification URL:

(The URL links to your FASO site automatically.)

B) Enable Instant Payment Notification in your Paypal account:

  • log in to Paypal
  • click Gear icon (upper right corner)
  • click My Selling Tools (on the left)
  • for Instant Payment Notification (middle of screen),  click Update (blue link on far right)

  • click IPN Settings
  • in Notification URL field, paste (CTRL/V) this URL:
  • select Receive IPN messages (Enabled)
  • click Save

Step 2:

Change the setting in your FASO account:

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click Commerce icon - upper right, looks like shopping cart
  • for BETA - Automatically Mark Originals Sold, set to Yes
  • click Save Changes

Step 3:

Make sure these 3 things are set correctly for each available artwork:

Edit the artwork in your FASO Control Panel & make sure that:

  • Type is set to: Original
  • Availability is set to: Available
  • Click on Show Ecommerce Settings For Future Use
  • Number Available for Sale must be set to: 1  (1 is the default)

How It Works:

This system only marks a piece as sold once the buyer fully checks out on PayPal. Just placing it in the shopping cart does not affect the status. 

After the sale is complete, PayPal notifies FASO and we mark the piece Sold.

Even if your collector doesn't return to your site from PayPal (by clicking the return to website link), FASO still picks up the sale and marks the original as SOLD, once PayPal notifies FASO via their api (takes a minute or two).

A word from Clint Watson, FASO Founder and Head Developer:
We are currently testing another method involving when the customer returns from PayPal that will mark the piece(s) Sold as soon as the client returns, so it appears immediately. The code for the immediate return case is written; we just want to test it a bit more. Both pieces of code will stay in place, so if the client for some reason does not return, the piece(s) will still get marked Sold via the IPN method.


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