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Show Options for Framed or Unframed Art

Display Separate PayPal Buttons for 2 Prices Depending on Framing

Let your collectors choose whether to buy your art framed or unframed, and purchase their choice directly from your site! Show separate Add to Cart buttons with 2 prices on the artwork detail page.

Bump up your marketing savvy by making  it easy for your collectors to buy.

Click below for 8-minute how-to video (best at full-screen):

Here are the steps to show options for Framed and Unframed versions of an artwork on your site, such as you see here (on our sample site for Joaquin Sorolla):

First, create a copy of the artwork image you want to add the Framed price onto, and save it somewhere easy to find in the next steps, such as on your computer desktop.


  • Log into FASO account Control Panel
  • Click Artwork icon (upper row)
  • Click Additional images of this art work
  • Click Select Image (blue button under Click to Add a Framed Image)
  • Click Upload
  • Click on the blue box with the + to find your image
  • Find your image and double-click on it to select and open it
  • Click Upload (blue button)
  • Click Continue (green bar)

Now you should see both your Unframed and Framed Images in the screen.

  •  Click Save and Exit (green button, upper left)
  •  For RetailPrice, enter your unframed price (low on screen)
  •  Click Show Advanced Commerce Settings (blue link near bottom, left)
  •  For Framed Price, enter price (low on screen)
  •  Click Save Changes (bottom left)

Want to add a cool virtual frame on your 2nd image? See:

How do I edit an image and the content on an image in my portfolio after uploading?

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