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Should I add framing to my paintings for better sales?

The question of whether or not to add framing to your art to encourage more sales is widely discussed on the internet.

Following are a few resource articles that we came up with. Hopefully these will help you to make your own decision as to what works best for you and your art.

The Frame Game (to frame or not to frame)
Natasha Isenhour ~ Fine Art Views

For quite the discussion of pros and cons, pricing etc, check out this article as well as the comments below it.

Framing the Problem
Clint Watson ~ Fine Art Views

A Most Amazing Frame Experience
Clint Watson ~ Fine Art Views

Do framed paintings sell better?

One person writes:
I have found that abstract, or other subjects approached in a contemporary manner sell well on gallery wrap canvas, and more traditional subjects seem to do better in frames.

When Should Artists Frame Paintings?

A resource for purchasing frames:
Art Ready Frames

If you wish to display an image of the framed piece on your website as an additional image, please see this FAQ:
Show Artwork Details or Multiple Views

Click Here for an Example

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