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Show Artwork Framed Plus Additional Views of Artwork

These 3 features are not available on the Intro plan:

These features work best for Silver and up.

It is easy to show multiple views of your artwork. 

This is very useful especially if you wish to show website visitors what your art looks like framed. 

This feature also works well for showing a close up detail view of a piece to highlight brushwork and texture. Plus it is a great way to display different views of a 3D sculptural piece.

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click Artwork icon (upper row)
  • click on the image thumbnail (left column) or the word Edit (right column) to access the artwork editing screen
  • click on Additional images of this art work (to the right of the image)

  • for "Click to Add a Framed Image"choose
    • Select Image
    • Upload Image
  • follow the prompts

You can also add additional images in the "Click to Add Additional Images" section by choosing

  • Select Images
  • Upload Images

Once your images are showing on this screen, click Save and Exit (upper left)

To Rearrange Additional Images

  • click Rearrange Additional Images 

  • drag and drop images until they are in the order you want
  • click Apply Changes
  • click Save and Exit (top left)

To Delete Images

  • click on the red minus sign icon below the image

  • for Additional Images, click Rearrange Additional Images to access the red minus sign icon
  • click Apply Changes
  • click Save and Exit (top left)

View on Live Website

If you add a price to your additional view image, you'll then have 2 Add to Cart buttons:

Click Here to see how to do this, in the FAQ "Show Options for Framed or Unframed Art.

Video Tutorial


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