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Add Sharing Bar, Like Buttons or Widget

Add Sharing Bar

If you want to add a Sharing Bar including the Facebook (FB) Like button to your artworks:

  • login to your FASO account control panel
  • click Social icon (upper row)

  • click Add a Social Sharing Bar to your artwork pages

  • for Use Social Sharing Bar On Artworks, select Yes
  • for Social Bar Button Style select Icon only or Icon plus text
  • click Save Changes

On your live website, you will now see the following share buttons displaying on your artwork pages:

  • Pinterest (Pin it)
  • Twitter (Tweet)
  • Facebook
  • Facebook (Like)
  • Facebook (Share) 

Add FB Like Button to Blog

If you want to add a Facebook Like button to your blog, that's automatically done by FASO. There is nothing you need to do.

Add FB Icon to Every Page of your Site

If you want a Facebook icon that takes viewers to your Facebook page or profile, please see this FAQ:
Add Facebook Icon to your Website

FB Widget / Badge

If you want a Facebook (FB) widget aka badge other than the Like button, or you want a Like button on a page other than artworks or blog posts, you need to install Facebook's widget code yourself, as follows:

  • Go to Facebook and obtain the code for a badge.
  • Click here for Facebook Badges page.
  • click on 
  • Profile Badge
    Get our social plugins (Like Button, Activity Feed) here

  • Choose your preference.
  • Copy the HTML or iFrame code for the widget / badge.

Example: if you only want a Like button

  • Click on Like Button
  • add your url
  • click on Get Code
  • click on IFrame (top row in code window)
  • highlight/select all the code
  • copy the code (CtrlL/C)

Add the Facebook code to your FASO site:

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click Your Site's Home Page (left column)
    go to page in your control panel where you want to add link (About the Artist, etc.)
  • click on HTML icon (above the text editing box)

A pop up window comes up

  • activate your cursor where you want the badge to show
  • paste (Ctrl/V) your code
  • click Update
  • click Save Changes

Only paying members can add iFrame code (for FB widgets/badges) in order to protect FASO and FASO clients from malicious spammers. 


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