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How to Set Up a Slide Show on the Home Page

Software released in June 2018 enables you to add a slideshow of images to your main page.

The slideshow will replace the single Main Page image.

The slideshow feature is only available for creating home page slideshows with the intention of showcasing artwork. At this time only images from your Artwork Portfolio can be chosen for the slide show.

We plan to offer additional use options over time.

The slideshow feature will be available on all the templates over time.

To see if your template is compatible, see this FAQ
Can I add a slide show to my template?
or check the list below:

The Main Page Slide Show feature is available on the following templates:

  • Ensō
  • Sierra
  • Wyeth
  • Norman
  • Jeremy
  • Josef
  • Yishu
  • Diehl
  • Tyler
  • Levenson
  • Sorolla
  • Sacran
  • Diego
  • Redmond
  • Chelsea
  • Williamsburg
  • Luminous Links
  • Modern Momentum

This feature is gradually being released on all the templates.

Choosing to use a slide show will replace the main page image on your home page.

To set up and enable a slide show:

  • from FASO account control panel
  • click Artwork icon (upper row)
  • click Add/Edit Slide Shows

  • click Create a Slideshow

  • type in a title
  • click Create

  • click + Add Artworks

  • click on individual images to select
  • click Ok


Drag and Drop images to rearrange them.

Use the red minus button to remove an image from slide show.

  • for Image Display Options field, select either:
    • Contain
    • Cover

  • click Use in Home Page button (top right)

  • click Apply Changes (top left)

Enable Slide Show from Main Page

Once you have set up a Slide Show, you can enable the Slide Show from the Main Page editing screen as follows:

  • from FASO account control panel
  • click on Your Site’s Home Page (left column)
  • for Use a slide show in home page field, make sure Choosing to use a slide show will replace the main image in your home page. is checked.
  • select the Slide Show title from drop down menu
  • Save Changes

Examples of a Image Display Options

Screenshots of Contain choice:

Screenshots of Cover choice:

12042018 - 02112019

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