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How do I login to my FASO account?

Login from FASO.com

  • fill in your username or email address and password
  • click Sign In

If you see your name instead of LOGIN, it means you are already logged in.

  • click on your name (in example: JOAQUIN SOROLLA Y BASTIDA)
  • a drop down menu appears
  • click on Your Account

Login From Your Website

If you have a website account you can also login via the Edit My Site link.

  • go to your live, public website
  • scroll to bottom
  • click on Edit My Site

Login on iPhone or Android

  • go to faso.com
  • click the hamburger icon
  • scroll down
  • click on LOGIN

If you do not see the hamburger icon:

Login to Multiple FASO Accounts

See this FAQ if you have more than one FASO account:
Second Website: Setup and Log In Info

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