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How to Retrieve and Repost a Deleted Comment

If you accidentally deleted a blog comment via the email notification sent by FASO, follow these steps to manually add the comment to your blog.

First, retrieve the comment from the original email notification sent to you by FASO.
The comment always appears at the bottom of the email.

From the original email, follow these steps to re-add the comment to your blog.

  • copy (Ctrl C) the comment from the notification email sent by the FASO system
  • go to your live website
  • go to your live blog
  • click on the blog title
  • scroll down to the Add a Comment section
  • enter the person's name who made the original comment
  • enter their email address
    If you do not know their email address, add yours. The system requires an email address.
  • enter their blog or website url
  • paste (Ctrl V) in the comment
  • Hit Submit Your Comment


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