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Can I display my email address on my site?

You can display your email address on your site. However we DO NOT recommend that you do so. When you display your email address on your site, spammers will get your email address off of your site and your level of junk mail will increase over time.

We feel it is better to let clients submit the Contact the Artist form (which is emailed to you by our system) and then YOU can respond to legitimate contacts (and then legitimate people will have your email).

It IS OK (and we DO recommend it) to display a phone number if you would like to receive calls.

To make changes to this section:

  • log in to your FASO control panel
  • click Contact the Artist (left column)
  • add or remove text in one of the 2 text fields
       info entered in the top box shows at the bottom of every page on your site
       info entered in the lower box shows just on the Contact the Artist page
  • click Submit

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