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What Happens to Your Domain if You Cancel

You own the rights to any domain you register with FASO.

If you had FASO register your domain and you decide to cancel your website account, you have 3 options.

Let us know if you want option 1, 2 or 3 and we will do our best to make your transition as smooth as silk.

1. Enroll in our Managed Domain Plan for $5.00 per month.

We will continue to renew your domain name on a yearly basis and change any settings to point it correctly to any new website you create.

The Managed Domain Plan includes one domain and one personalized email account.

You will also continue to be listed in our Artist's Directory.

Click Here for more info on the Managed Domain Plan.

2. Create your own domain name registration account with our registration partner, MyDomainStuff.com

This is a separate company from us. There is no charge for creating this account.

Let us know you created the account. We'll unlock your domain and send you the Authorization code.

Log into your MyDomainStuff.com account to purchase a domain transfer. Enter the Authorization Code per their instructions.

Once the domain has transferred into your account, you will be responsible for all settings and charges for the domain.

3. Transfer your domain to registrar of your choice such as Godaddy

  • Let us know this is your choice
  • We'll unlock your domain and send you the Authorization code
  • Have your new registrar initiate the transfer

See this FAQ for full details:
How To Transfer Your Domain Away from FASO

IMPORTANT - Update Contact Info

When you transfer your domain away from FASO to another registrar (such as GoDaddy), be sure to update all administrative info on the domain account once the transfer is complete. 

Remove our info and enter your personal info to prevent future issues.

Your domain is subject to cancellation by ICANN if you fail to update the Contact Info on your domain once it has been transferred away.

IMPORTANT - Email Account on the Domain

If you have an email account attached to the domain, your email account will be affected!

Your FASO domain email account will stop working when you cancel your account.

Your domain email account messages and contacts will not be saved or transferred over to your new provider.

You will need to make provisions with your new provider prior to the domain transfer for how to handle moving email account content.

For more info see:
How To Transfer Your Domain Away from FASO


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