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Managed Domain Plan

FASO can be your domain name registrar even if you cancel website hosting

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What happens to my domain if I cancel?

If you decide to cancel your FASO website membership plan, our Manage Domain Plan is one option that allows you to keep your FASO registered domain name.

You can enroll in our Managed Domain (MD) Plan and we'll continue to manage your domain(s).

FASO will still be your domain Registrar, but will no longer be the hosting company for your website. Your FASO site will no longer be live online.

If you choose to be on the Managed Domain Plan, FASO will continue to renew your domain name(s) on a yearly basis.

We can change the settings on your domain(s) to point the domain(s) to a non-FASO website. Your domain name will then pull up your non-FASO website.

Your original content is more secure on this plan, however, we can not guarantee that it will all be intact should you decide to switch back to a full website account. The longer you remain on the Managed Domain Plan (and not go back to a full website account), the greater the chance your content will be deleted from our servers.

Important - If You Have Email on the Domain

If you have a FASO email account such as [email protected] (branded, personalized email) and you want your domain name pointed to a non-FASO site by changing the name servers (not CNAME), you will need to give our MX Records (mail exchange records) to your new host in order for that email account to continue working.

These are the MX Records to share with your new host:


Manage Domain Plan Pricing

  • Managed Domain plan: $5.00 per month
  • Includes one branded email account
  • Any additional domain is $20.00 per year (billed yearly at time of domain renewal)
  • Any additional Email Accounts are $4.50 per month.

MD Plan Control Panel

While on the Managed Domain Plan, you still have access to a simplified FASO Control Panel in order to:

You will login to your FASO control panel as you have been doing. 

Click Here for the Login Screen

For logging in assistance, see this FAQ:
FASO Account Login

Your login information will remain the same as it was for your website account.

To switch to the Managed Domain Plan, please contact Customer Support.

Important: Your FASO website will come down.
We can point your domain to another site if you want.


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