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Edit Artist Directory Listing & Artist Quick Facts Page

How to Edit Your Canvoo Page

About Artist Quick Facts Page

Your Artist Directory listing is also called your Artist Quick Facts or your Canvoo Page. It is what someone sees after clicking Artist Websites from FASO.com and selecting a particular name. Click here for an example.

Your Artist Quick Facts is a single page about you as a fine artist. It is a place to compile information and present it in a format that's easy for your collectors and fans to view.

Having the Artist Quick Facts also allows you to create some links to other sites that you manage, allowing you to possibly tap into traffic that we generate on this site.

The majority of info that appears in your Artist Quick Facts page is automatically propagated and updated according to info that you enter into your website.

View Artist Quick Facts Page

To view your Artist Quick Facts page:


Go to:

(***fill in your account name in the url above)

Edit Artist Quick Facts

To edit and add more info to your Artist Quick Facts page on a billable account:

  • login to FASO Control Panel
  • click About the Artist (left column)
  • click Edit Artist Quick Facts (upper left)

  • For Main Web Site, add your domain (no http, no www)


Only add your domain name - leave off the https://www - see Gayle's as a sample:

Then it shows in the Artist Directory like so:


It isn't possible to remove the Price Range option from your Artist Quick Facts.

To change Bio page content
click on About the Artist
make changes in the Text of Artist's Biography
Save Changes

Artwork Image

The FASO Artist Directory attempts to pick an image to represent your work. We select from one of three images in the following order:

1. the Example Artwork image that you have set in your artist Artist Quick Facts  settings
2. the Main Page Picture that you have chosen to appear on the Home page of your site
3. your most recently-uploaded artwork

The majority of info in your Artist Quick Facts Sheet comes from content that you add to your site.

Optional Text Fields

  • Quote by Artist
  • Quote by Collector
  • Quote by Dealer
  • Quote by Other Artists

The info you add to these fields will automatically show on your artist directory listing, as well as being added to any Informed Collector Feature we may run on you and your work. It is yet another opportunity to add content that is perhaps not added elsewhere.


To add a photo as your avatar, first make sure the image has been uploaded (to either your Artwork Portfolio or to the Images folder).

To add an image to the avatar:

  • from FASO account Control Panel:
  • click About The Artist (left menu bar)
  • click Edit Artist Quick Facts (top left)
  • for Photo Of Artist, click on Choose an Image
    or click the drop-down to select by title
  • select image
  • click Save Changes


For more info, please see this article:
Artist Quick Facts and Your Listing in the Artist Directory

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