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Add a Discount Code for Artwork Purchases

Offer Collectors a Discount with a Special Code

Offer a code to customers for a discount - whether for being a subscriber, for hard times or a Summer Sale to boost your marketing.

IMPORTANT: Discount codes ONLY work for the built-in FASO Shopping Cart and our "Add to Cart" buttons.
If you use custom PayPal buttons such as for selling Prints or perhaps a Workshop, the Discount Code will not apply.

Discount Codes need to be at least 2 characters long. 

You Have 2 Options

To set up a discount code:

  • Login to FASO Control Panel
  • Click Commerce icon (upper right)
  • Click Discount Codes (blue link, upper left)

  • Click Add New (blue button)

  • Click on your choice for Percentage or Fixed/set amount


A percentage is taken off the sale.

If you choose Add Percentage Discount Code, you'll get a screen like this:

  • For Discount Code, enter a name (it won't be cAse-sEnstiVe for your buyers)

Red Alert

Only use letters and/or numbers; no symbols, no empty spaces. Otherwise, it will fail.

  • Select the % amount from the drop-down
  • Make sure Yes is checked for Enabled
  • Click Add & Save Now (blue button)

Fixed Amount

A fixed $ amount is deducted from the entire order, not per item.

If you set the Fixed Amount discount to $50, the buyer gets $50 off the entire order no matter how many items they purchase..

If you choose Add Fixed Amount Discount Code, you'll get a screen like this:

  • Fill in what you want to call it, to the right of Discount Code
    (Again, no symbols or spaces, but capitalization doesn't matter)
  • Make sure the Type is correct (no? See blue box below)
  • Set a $ amount for the Fixed Amount
  • Be sure it's Enabled
  • Click Save Changes (button above or below)

NOTE: If your discount code is not appearing, make sure the feature is enabled in Settings:

  • from FASO Control Panel 
  • click gear icon (upper right) / Account Settings
  • click Account Settings that shows in dropdown menu
  • click Settings
  • for Shopping Cart - Discount Code, if it shows as Disabled, click Edit to Enable it

View your List of Discounts

You should now see all the saved discounts you've added:

NOTE: You can offer different discount types.

What your Customer Sees

When one buys an artwork from your site, they click the Discount Code link in the cart:

Then they'll get a screen to enter whichever code you gave them:

They click Submit and get to this success message & click to return to the shopping cart:

FASO Shopping Cart

The rest is automatic. In this example, the price dropped from $7700 to $7650:

PayPal Shopping Cart

They may get 1 more screen to enter their email address, and lastly the PayPal shopping cart like this sample:

How to Promote It

Two good options for letting collectors know about the discount would be by Email Newsletter and/or an Announcement Bar.

Disable Discount Code

  • from FASO Control Panel 
  • click gear icon | Your Account Settings (upper right)
  • select Account Settings
  • for Shopping Cart - Discount Code, click Edit

  • select No
  • Save Setting

  • Save Changes

Discount codes are global ~ they apply to all your art. If you want to place a discount on 1 specific artwork, see Discount Code - Options, Workarounds.


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