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Abandoned Checkouts

Automatic email notification if your collector doesn't complete their Stripe or PayPal purchase

Abandoned Checkouts is an Advanced eCommerce feature, only available on Gold and Platinum plans.

Abandoned Checkouts allows you to see unfulfilled Stripe or PayPal checkouts.

This feature enables you can reach out directly to your potential collector and secure the sale!

View Abandoned Checkouts

  • from FASO Control Panel
  • click Commerce icon
  • click Abandoned Checkouts

You'll see your recent incomplete purchases like so:

All Unfinished Carts

You'll also see a link for All Unfinished Carts. Click for the entire list, not just recent ones:

All Unfinished Carts means they added something to the cart and did not proceed to checkout. 

Abandoned Checkouts means they went from the cart to the checkout screens but did not complete the transaction.

FASO will send you an email notification 24 hours after any disrupted purchases (any Abandoned Checkouts).

Here's a fictitious sample:


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