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Archived Artwork

The Archived Works feature is basically a built-in collection that can be used to hold artworks you want on your site but may not want in the mix with your active/available works.

Many artists use it for older Sold paintings. Some use it for older paintings that may be available but show a progression of the artist's work or represent a specific period in their work.

This View Archived Works (built-in feature on a live website) is based on a setting in the editing screen for any individual artwork. The setting is Status.


Status has 2 options:

  • Current
  • Archived

Current: Anything that is set at Current will appear in your artwork portfolio.

Archived: Anything set as Archived will only show in the View Archived Works link. 

If you have collections set up, an archived piece (even if it is assigned to a collection) will not show in a collection.

To change Status and have work show only in the Archive:

  • login FASO Control Panel
  • click Artwork icon (upper row)
  • click on thumbnail (left column) to access editing screen
  • for Status, change from Current to Archived
  • Save Changes

Repeat for each image you want to show in Archived Works.

For Sold pieces, some artists choose to keep them listed with the Current art or set up a collection for Sold or Archived Works.

In either case,
set the Availability as Sold,
keep Status set at Current.

NOTE: Red Sold dots can actually encourage more sales.

If you prefer not to use View Archived Works, you can contact Support and request that they hide the link for you.


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