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How many images are allowed per plan?

The number of images allowed includes all images uploaded to your FASO account Control Panel whether they are art or non-art images and whether they show on your live site or not

If they are in your Control Panel, they count (since they take up room on our servers).

Note: Since images uploaded for your Blog, your Newsletter and for Contest Entries are saved to your control panel, they are included in the total image count.

Images over your plan's limit will be billed at .35 cents per image per month.


  • $15/month (or $144/year, equivalent of $12/mo)
  • Up to 40 Images


  • $25/month (or $228/year, equivalent of $19/month)
  • Up to 100 Images


  • $30/month (or $312/year, equivalent of $26/mo)
  • Unlimited Images


  • $45/month (or $480/year, which works out to $40/mo)
  • Unlimited Images

See :
Too Many Images for Plan - Overage Charges

For a full rundown of features per plan, see this FAQ:
How much does FASO cost? Membership Plans


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