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Can I upload more than 500 subscribers as a batch upload?

Artful Mail, FASO's Newsletter software has dedicated limitations for each membership level regarding the allocated number of subscribers and the number of sends per month.

These limitations are hardcoded and cannot be changed.

  • Intro Plan allows for 50 newsletter subscribers.
    Send up to 100 emails/month.
  • Silver Plan allows for 100 newsletter subscribers.
    send up to 300 emails/month.
  • Gold Plan allows for 1000 newsletter subscribers.
    Send up to 6000 emails/month.
  • Platinum Plan allows for unlimited subscribers.
    Send up to 15,000 emails/month.

If you are still in your free trial and need to upload more than the 500 subscribers as a Batch Upload, here are your options:

  1. Activate your account as a Gold Plan member - the limit will immediately go up to 1,000
    activate as Platinum Plan member - the limit will immediately go up to 2,000.
  2. Wait 24 hours.
  3. Add each subscriber one at a time. The one-at-a-time procedure does not have any limitations.

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