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Number of Subscribers and Sent Newsletters Allowed Per Month ~ Overage Charges

Following are the number of email newsletter subscribers allowed, plus the total number of newsletters that can be sent in 1 month, per membership plan.

Number of Subscribers Allowed Per Plan

Free Trial Account

  • Up to 50 Subscribers
  • Send Up to 100 newsletters/month

Intro Plan - $15/month

  • Up to 50 Subscribers
  • Send Up to 100 newsletters/month

Silver Plan - $25/month

  • Up to 100 Subscribers
  • Send Up to 300 newsletters/month

Gold Plan - $30/mo

  • Up to 1000 Subscribers
  • Send Up to 6000 newsletters/month

Platinum - $45/mo

  • Up to 2500 Subscribers
  • Send Up to 15,000 newsletters/month

Subscriber Limit: The number of individual Newsletter Subscribers allowed on your member plan.

Send Limit: The total number of individual Email Newsletters you can send per month.

For Example: If you are on the Intro Plan and have 50 subscribers, you can send a newsletter to all 50 subscribers twice a month for a total of 100 sent emails

Overage Fees

Newsletters will still get sent for users who exceed the maximum number of subscribers allowed per plan.

Users will be billed $.02/month/subscriber for any subscribers over their plan allowance.

The overage amount will cap at the higher plan level price.

This works basically the same as Image Overages. Users pay the overage amount or the next plan level amount, whichever is cheaper.


The Intro plan is $15 / month and includes 50 subscribers.  If the user gets an additional subscriber (so 51 total), their bill will go up to $15.02 / month.

The overage charges cap out at the next plan level.  So someone on the Intro plan with 1,000 subscribers would simply be bumped to the $30/month Gold plan for billing purposes.

Track Extra Fees

To see if you have any extra fees coming:

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click $ / Billing icon (upper row)

You'll see lots of info regarding your plan and billing. 

Look for:
Subscribers Used Over Plan Limit:

New subscribers will be able to subscribe no matter what plan you are on and how many subscribers you already have. 

If you downgrade your plan, the system will not delete any of your newsletter subscribers to meet the limit.

See this FAQ:
What happens to my list of subscribers if I downgrade my account?


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