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Add a Discount Code for Your Artwork

Offer Collectors a Discount with a Special Code

Offer a code to customers for a discount - whether for being a subscriber, for hard times or a Summer Sale to boost your marketing.

You have 2 options

A) Percent Discount - a percentage is taken off the sale.

B) Fixed Amount - a fixed $ amount is deducted from the entire order, not per item.
If you set $50, the buyer gets $50 off the order no matter how many items they purchase.

A) First: Enable Enhanced Shopping Cart and Advanced eCommerce.

B) Then: You'll see a link in your Commerce section for Discount Codes:

  • Login to FASO Control Panel
  • Click Commerce icon (upper right)
  • Click Discount Codes (blue link, upper left)

  • Click Add New (blue button)

  • Click on your choice for Percentage or Fixed/set amount


Using a percentage off? You'll get this screen:

  • For Discount Code, enter a name (it won't be cAse-sEnstiVe for your buyers)

Red Alert

Only use letters and/or numbers; no symbols, no empty spaces. Otherwise, it will fail.

  • Select the % amount from the drop-down
  • Make sure Yes is checked for Enabled
  • Click Add & Save Now (blue button)

Fixed Amount

Conversely, if you chose Add Fixed Amount Discount Code, you'll get a screen like so:

  • Fill in what you want to call it, to the right of Discount Code
    (Again, no symbols or spaces, but capitalization doesn't matter)
  • Make sure the Type is correct (no? See blue box below)
  • Set a $ amount for the Fixed Amount
  • Be sure it's Enabled
  • Click Save Changes (button above or below)

Notice that...

You can change your mind and click to Switch Discount Code Type from this screen... because here at FASO we like to give you lots of ways to succeed.😁 

See Your List of Discounts

You should now see all the saved discounts you've added:

(This means that you can you can offer different discount types - no one will even know.)

What Your Customer Sees

When one buys an artwork from your site, they click the Discount Code link in the cart:

Then they'll get a screen to enter whichever code you gave them:

They click Submit and get to this success message & click to return to the shopping cart:

FASO Shopping Cart

The rest is automatic. See? The price dropped from $7700 to $7650:

PayPal Shopping Cart

They may get 1 more screen to enter their email address, and lastly the PayPal shopping cart like this sample:


How to Promote It

But how to let folks know about your coveted discount you ask?

Two good options are by Email Newsletter and/or an Announcement Bar.


Discount codes are "global" ~ they apply to all your art. If you want to place a discount on 1 specific artwork, see Discount Code - Options, Workarounds. 😉

Heads Up

If you use custom PayPal buttons such as for selling Prints, the Discount Code won't apply.  They use different shopping carts; the Discount Code only works in the built-in shopping cart. 

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