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Schedule Newsletter for Future Sending Date

The following steps outline how to schedule your newsletter to send it at a later date. 

  • from your FASO account control panel
  • click on Dragonfly/Newsletter icon (upper row) to login to newsletter software
  • click on Click Here to login to the Email Newsletter System.
  • from the Newsletter Drafts list
  • click on Preview and Send (to the right of the draft)
    OR from the draft itself, click on Save and Continue
  • click on Send Test --->
  • click on Continue to Sending Options

  • click on Schedule to send in the future

  • enter date and time you wish to send your newsletter
  • click Schedule

NOTE: clicking on Send Now will send the newsletter immediately.

When you click on Schedule, a screen that looks like this will pop up.

To Unschedule:

  • click on View scheduled newsletters
  • from Newsletter Home Screen
  • click on Sent (left column)
  • click on Scheduled

  • click on Unschedule to left of newsletter

This pops the newsletter into Drafts so you can continue to edit it if you like and then send when you want.

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