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Can I send, resend, a past newsletter to a few new subscribers?

There are 2 ways to send your past, already sent newsletter to a select few.

Option One

Email them (from your own email address) the link to your Read Past Issues page from your website.

  • Go to your live website
  • click on Email Newsletter link in Navigation Bar
  • click on Read Past Issues
  • copy the URL (web address) from the address bar of your browser.
    The URL will look something like this:
  • paste that URL into your email for your recipients

This will allow them to access all of your previously sent newsletters.

Option Two

Forward the copy of the newsletter you received to them. Forward it from your own email client.

This method works well for the latest subscriber who may have missed your most recently sent newsletter.

You can also add a short message to the content.

NOTE: If you are forwarding the newsletter to multiple persons you will want to bcc (blind carbon copy) the email addresses, or send each email individually to protect their privacy.

Sending newsletters to those who have not opted in is against the anti-spam laws. 

We do NOT recommend that you send in this manner to people who have not subscribed, or that you send to [batches] of people at once. Doing so could result in your Branded Email account being marked as spam AND shut down.

If interested, you can learn more about this here:  
Global Acceptable Use Policy

The ability to separate your newsletter subscribers into particular groupings and send to just one group, is on our developers' wish list, however we don't have a timeline for it.

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