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How to Disable Referral Bar

Announcement/Promo/Patronage Bar won't show?

If you're trying to set up an Announcement/Promo or Patronage Bar and instead you see this at the top of your site:

(First, do not click on the yellow X on the right! That will only hide your bar from you altogether, even though your site visitors will still see it. You'd have to clear cache and cookies to get it back.)

To get your Promo Bar to show, disable the Referral Bar. Here's how:

  • Login to your FASO account Control Panel
  • Click Refer a Friend button (upper left)
  • Look for Toolbar Status (lower left) - it needs to say Inactive

If it says Active:

  • Click on that Active link
  • For Referral Program Topbar Enabled: click on Yes so it switches to No
  • Click Save Settings


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