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How to Add Off-Site Video or Slideshow

YouTube iFrame code

If you can create your video in or upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or similar online video-sharing resource, it can be added to your FASO site. Our steps below are for YouTube, since we're most familiar with it. 

Other options our members have used are:

Your video-sharing resource will provide you with embed code to use.

Then your video or slideshow will play directly from your page without the user leaving your site or needing to install QuickTime. 😎 

Easily Drop in YouTube Videos using Full Screen Mode

Our Full Screen Composer/Mode allows easy drop-in of Youtube videos:

A) Upload your video or slideshow to YouTube.com (it's free)
B) Copy the code from your video page
C) Paste it into the Video option in your FASO Control Panel

A) Get the YouTube code:

Below your video (on YouTube):

  • Click Share

B) Copy the code

  • Click COPY (you should get a message "Link copied to clipboard" on your computer screen)

C) Add the code to your FASO account:

  • Login to your FASO Control Panel
  • Go to the page where you want to add the video (blog post, custom page etc)
  • Go to Full Screen Mode

  • Click the video icon (says Insert/edit media when you hover)

  • Paste (CTRL/V) the code in the box to the right of Source
  • Click OK

  • Click Save and Exit

  • Click Save Changes

Success !

Now the video player shows on your website page for visitors to play directly.

Older iFrame Method

Add Videos using YouTube iframe code in html Screen

Get the YouTube embed code as follows:

  • Below your video (on YouTube)
  • Click Share

  • Click Embed

  • Copy (Ctrl/C) the iFrame code that appears in the text box

Add the code to your FASO account:

  • In FASO Control Panel, go to the page where you want to add the video and:
  • Click on HTML at the top of the text editing screen
  • Place your cursor where you want the code to be pasted
  • Paste (Ctrl/V) the code provided by YouTube (or other resource)
  • Click Update
  • Click Save Changes

NOTE: you need to be using the Embedded Code from YouTube!


YouTube removed the ability to make slideshows in the latter part of 2017.

If you wish to add a slideshow, to your Home Page, see this FAQ:
How to Set Up a Slide Show on your Home Page

If you wish to add an offsite slideshow, you can use Google Slides.

There are some good articles on the web for How To. Here are a few:

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