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My Image is Not Enlarging to the Zoom View

If your image is not enlarging to accommodate the size of the large Zoom View, it is most likely due to uploading a small image. An image will never zoom larger than your original uploaded size. 

We recommend that you upload images that are at least 1200 pixels on the longer side.

For more info on Image Sizes, see this FAQ: Image Upload Size

To check the size of your original uploaded image:

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click Artwork icon - upper row
  • click image thumbnail on left to edit
  • click View all image sizes to right of image
  • click View Original Image (if available)
  • right-click on image

Using Firefox (easier in this case):

  • click View Image Info
  • look at Dimensions - it will look something like 2,718px x 2,084px (meaning pixels)

Using Chrome:

  • click Inspect
  • hover cursor over image URL on right (it should be highlighted)
  • under the thumbnail that pops up, you'll see the size such as 1650 x 1288 pixels

To correct a too-small image, you will need to upload a larger image. See this FAQ: How do I replace an artwork image?

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