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How do I replace an artwork image?

To replace an image in your artwork portfolio:

  • login FASO account Control Panel
  • click Artwork icon (upper row)
  • click on image thumbnail to edit
  • click Replace Image to the right of the image


This will open the files on your computer in a pop up window. You need to find the image on your computer from this screen in order to upload the image.

  • select your image:
    double-click on your image, or click Save, Open, or Select (this varies depending upon your browser)

  • click Continue

Due to the way images are served, it may take a few hours for a replaced image to show correctly on all pages where the image is used.

For more info on how images are served and what to do if the image does not show within a few hours, please see this FAQ:
Replaced Image Not Showing on Site ~ CDN

Replaced images will not be sent out as New Art Alerts.


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