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Email Notification of Purchases

We email you upon a sale from your site

We now send a notification to your admin email address when an artwork on your website has sold! These emails are designed just for you as an artist, and include way more helpful information than you'd get from some regular eCommerce company.

Here's the scoop:

When someone purchases work from your site, you receive an email from us that contains:

1. Name & email of the buyer

2. Customer's shipping address

3. Image of the artwork(s)

4. Links to the pieces on your site

5. Medium

6. If we marked them as sold (See Tag Artwork as Sold or Set Up Auto-Mark as Sold)

7. Price they paid for each item, handling fee and total

8. Any discount codes used

9. PayPal transaction ID

Here's what your receipt looks like:

And here's one like your collector gets:

07092020 jyc

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