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Bilingual, Multi-Languages on a FASO Site - Google Translate

FASO does not have a system in place to automatically create your website in a language other than English.

A few options to explore would be:

  • add your other language text, in addition to the English content
  • create a hidden page for your other language
    share the hidden page with the people who need it
  • google encourages users looking to translate webpages to use browsers that support translation natively
    Example: The browser Google Chrome can translate a website if it recognizes the language. If you pull up a site in, say, German, it will ask 'would you like to translate? Of course you can't guarantee that all your site visitors use Chrome.

Here are a few FASO artists who've handled this well:

See Carlos Carriles Olive's blog post  which contains full instructions on how to make your FASO site multilingual. Thanks, Carlos!


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