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How to Set up your Workshop Page

Many of our artists offer workshops or classes. Most choose to use the preset Workshops category. The Workshop category is set up with fields for general info including: 

  • date
  • time
  • venue
  • contact info
  • cost
  • descriptive text 
  • image

The Workshop category organizes workshops by date. When the date is past the listing drops off the live website. It remains in the FASO control panel workshop list for reference.

Some artists have chosen to create a custom page for their workshop listings in order to have more control.

Getting Started

1. Add the Workshops Category to your Navigation Bar.

Refer to this FAQ:  Manage Your Site Menu / Edit Navigation Bar

2. Enter Workshop Info

  • From FASO Control Panel
  • click Workshops (left menu bar - or click on More Categories > Workshops)
  • click Add New
  • enter the title of your workshop
  • for Workshop Image, click on Upload or Choose an Image
  • add pertinent information in fields at top of page
    (make sure to fill in all Required Fields if you want your workshop to be featured in the FASO Special Workshops Newsletter)
  • type in description for workshop in Workshop Description text field
  • to add images into the Workshop Description text field
    Click Here for instructions.
  • Save Changes

Note: you can change the url to display text on your live website.

In the URL field, change the url to a hyperlink as per this example:

<a href=https://Full-WebAddress-of-Zoom-Or-Other-Resource.com>Painting Your Animal Dreams</a>

NOTE: replace https://Full-WebAddress-of-Zoom-Or-Other-Resource.com with your own content!

Importance of Workshop Dates

Workshops are listed chronologically by the beginning date of the workshop. The ending date is also important.  When that date is past, the workshop will then drop off the workshops page.

  • Please use both beginning and end dates when entering your workshops.
  • Make sure to enter dates as NUMBERS. The database will automatically change the numbers to show the day of the week and the month, respectively.
  • example: Friday, March 20th, 2020 needs to be entered as 3/20/20.

For more info on Workshop Dates, click here.

Display Workshops and/or Events in the Upcoming Events Widget

You can choose to display workshops and/or events in the Upcoming Events widget. Here's how:

  • From FASO account control panel
  • Click the gear icon (upper right)
  • Click Account Settings
  • Under General Settings, click Settings
  • Under Feature, click Edit to change the settings. Be sure to click Submit if you make changes.

For more info on the the Sidebar Widgets including the Upcoming Events Widget, see this FAQ: Sidebar Widgets ~ Add, Remove, Reorder


Here are examples of artists offering workshops and classes for reference. It is always great to see how other artists do things.

Please understand that for artists using the workshops category, listings leave the page when the date is past.  Also our artists are updating their site all the time, so you may find an empty page or only a single listing on some of the following examples.

  • Kathleen Dunphy  (uses Workshops category)
  • Marjie Eakin-Petty (uses a Custom page)
  • Susan Tobey White (uses Workshops category)
  • Pat Thompson (uses the Workshops category to promote weekly classes)
    Note: no ending date is added, so the workshop will not drop off the page which is perfect for regular repeating classes.
  • Martha Lever (uses Workshops category)
    Note: Martha offers online Video Workshops.

FASO Gold and Platinum member artists will have their workshops listed in the Fine Art Views Special Edition ~ Upcoming Workshops (USA & International) newsletter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using a free form Page for your workshop listings, you also need to enter your workshop data into the Workshop Category page (as described above) to have your workshop included in the newsletter.

Please be sure to review this FAQ:
Fine Art Views Special Edition ~ Upcoming Workshops (USA & International)


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