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How to Send Email as Blind Carbon Copy (BCC)

Here are instructions for sending email as Blind Carbon Copy, BCC. 

Please be sure to read the additional important information included below.

  • from your personalized email account
  • click Compose
  • click the More drop down arrow
  • click Show BCC field

  • enter recipients email addresses in Bcc field
    NOTE: you can also click on Bcc to your contact list
  • add a Subject
  • enter the text of your email in the message body
  • click Send

This will allow you to compose your email and send to several recipients without each email address showing. 


Sending emails to more than 250 addresses is considered bulk mail/spam and is a violation of our email provider's Acceptable Use Policy. Breaking up mass mailings and sending them in smaller batches to intentionally avoid this restriction is also a violation of the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy).

Please understand that our mail provider closely monitors accounts. Repeated instances of sending bulk email poses the real likelihood of your email account being shut down. 

The last thing you want to happen is for your email account to be shut down.

The reason for this is that anti-spam laws have become much more stringent. The law requires that recipients have a way to Auto-Unsubscribe. Our email provider must follow the rules in order to continue providing the level of service they provide.

Their Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) stipulates that an email account cannot be used to send BULK emails. 

This is common policy for nearly every email provider in this day and age.

Click here for the Rackspace Acceptable Use policy.

Using your email account to send bulk email can also result in privacy breaches, like exposing your entire list in the "To" or "CC" line.

These rules are set by anti spam laws not by FASO.

Newsletter software is designed for sending bulk emails. When it comes to sending out bulk emails you need to rely on a professional email marketing service, hence our newsletter service, FASO Artful Mail.

See More Info at this FAQ:
Can’t send bulk email from email account, so how do I send newsletter?


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