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Domain Email Account ~ What It Is, Why Use One & the Difference between Admin Email

We recommend that you create a Personalized Email Account - aka branded email, domain email or FASO email account. 

This is an email address that's attached to your domain name.

A Personalized Email is an email address that is attached to your domain name, actually having the domain name included in the email address such as C[email protected]

*(capitalization added for easy reading - email addresses and domain names are not case sensitive).

Three reasons why a domain email account is a good idea:

  1. It's a free way to advertise your website and the fact that you have a website.
  2. It is more professional.
  3. It's important for sending email newsletters.
    See this FAQ: Use Domain Email for Newsletter Sending

A personalized email, such as ([email protected]), requires two things.

  1. You must have a domain name associated with your account.
  2. You will need to be a paying member.

Our Silver, Gold and Platinum membership plans include at least one personalized domain email address.

Click here for the steps on how to set up your domain email account.

Additional Clarification 

The difference between your Admin Email and a personalized email account.

Perhaps your 'general' email is through a common email provider such as:

  • yahoo
  • gmail
  • aol
  • hotmail
  • comcast
  • verizon
  • roadrunner

and when you set up your FASO account you used your general email which was then designated as the Administrative Email on your account.

All messages sent to you from our system will go to this Admin email account. For example:

  • invoices of payments
  • important update notices
  • replies / answers to support questions
  • contacts from the Contact the Artist form page on your website
  • account overdue notices
  • all newsletters you send are sent from your Admin email address (exception)

There is no relationship between your Admin Email and your Personalized email.
(Unless of course you set your Personalized email as your Admin email. See this FAQ:
How to Change the Admin Email on Your Account).

Example (true story):

One of our tech support agents (we will call her Jane) had some dental work done. On all the paper work she had to fill out, she provided the dental office with her email address:
[email protected] (used for privacy purposes)

Low and behold, upon exiting and paying, the receptionist remarked to Jane how much she liked Jane's art - all because she took a moment to go to janedoeartist.com.

She saw that Jane had a website simply from the email address. 

Jane ended up selling artwork to the receptionist within 3 months of that 1st visit.

In a personalized email the web address is what follows the @ .

Example Email: [email protected]
Example Web Address: janedoeartist.com

Signing up for a Personalized email account is simply a personal choice. How you then use the email and how you let people know about the email address is up to you.

If you are not promoting or using your personalized email address in any way, you will not get email in the account, nor will the account send any email.

How many email accounts you have and how you choose to use them is simply a personal choice.

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