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Images that Show in Recent Works Widget

Recent Works are Latest Uploads

The Recent Works Widget displays your most recently-uploaded artwork images. We recommend that you allow the software to do it's magic, even though it is possible to control which images are shown. With the default, every time you upload a new piece, the widget updates and your website visitors immediately see what's new and exciting in your work - with no effort on your part (translation: more time to make art!)

You do have options though, regarding this widget (of course you do):

1. Control which images display by creating a slideshow
See the FAQ Recent Works - How to Choose the Images

2. Control them the work-around way
Re-upload the images that you want to appear in the widget so they're the last uploads.

3. Change the name Recent Works
Submit a support ticket & ask us to change the wording from Recent Works to perhaps Featured Art or a brief title of your choice.

4. Don't want the widget?
Choose a different template. See:
Sidebar Widgets are not Supported on all Templates
How do I change my template?

5. Turn the widget off

  • Login to FASO Control Panel
  • Click Design icon (upper row)
  • Click Advanced (faint link, top right)
  • Click Sidebar Widgets (Beta)
  • Highlight/select [[WIDGET_SIDEBAR_RECENT_WORKS]]
  • Click Remove Selected button below
  • Click Save Changes

(If this doesn't "take," let us know & we can fix it.)

The Recent Works Widget is only available on certain templates. See:

You see the term "sidebar widgets" because at first they were on the sides of the page. As we release more & more templates, all modern & varied, the widgets are often featured on the bottom.


If you set the Availability option to Website Only, the image will show in the Recent Works Widget since the widget is part of your website.

For more info see:
Artwork Visibility ~ Public, Website Only, Unlisted


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