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Abandoned Checkouts

Automatic email notification if your collector doesn't complete their PayPal purchase

Be Aware

This feature is in BETA - ie development. If you'd like to be part of the 'beta-testing' group - great! Follow the steps below, & expect changes and possible bugs.

This is an Advanced eCommerce feature, only available on Gold and Platinum plans (plus Silver during the Covid-19 pandemic).

Enable the Enhanced Shopping Cart to see unfulfilled PayPal checkouts - "abandoned checkouts."

Two Settings Are Necessary:

A) Enhanced Shopping Cart

  • Login to FASO Control Panel
  • Click gear icon in upper row (hover shows Your Account Settings)
  • Click Account Settings
  • Click Settings
  • For Enhanced Shopping Cart (under Commerce), click Edit 

  • Check Yes
  • Click Save Setting

B) Advanced Ecommerce (Discounts,Code)

  • Take the same steps as above, for Advanced Ecommerce (Discounts, Code)

How to view your collectors who didn't finish their purchase:

  • From Control Panel, click Commerce icon, then Abandoned Checkouts

You'll see your recent incomplete purchases like so:

You'll also see a link for All Unfinished Carts - click for the entire list, not just recent ones:

If Enhanced Shopping Cart isn't enabled & you click Abandoned Checkouts, you'll see:

  • Click the link as instructed, just say Yes and click Save Setting

Then you get this screen, where you should see both of these Enabled:

Enhanced Shopping Cart
Advanced Ecommerce (Discounts, Code)

If either of those are not enabled, click Edit and fix it.

Then we send you an email notification 24 hours after any disrupted purchases.
Here's a fictitious sample:

Now you can reach out directly to your collector and secure that sale! $$$

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