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Add Drop-Down Menu Items in Navigation Bar Categories

Video Tutorial: 

On your Navigation Bar/Site Menu, a drop-down for sub-menus can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • Your About the Artist category
    Separate your content into multiple pages such as
    - Bio
    - Artist Statement
     - CV

Use an Empty Link for organizing sub-collections.
Perhaps you paint oils and watercolors and have a collection for each. Within each of those you want Landscapes, Figurative, Still Life, like so:

  • Oil (collection)
    - Landscapes
    - Figurative
    - Still Life
  • Watercolor (collection)
    - Landscapes
    - Figurative
    - Still Life

Steps for Setting Up Drop-Down Menu Items
(see video tutorial)

You need to set up your Collections and/or Pages before adding them to your Navigation Bar.

  • in FASO account Control Panel
  • click Edit Navigation Bar (or Navigation Menu)
  • in Menu Item Options (left column), click on Empty Link
    or drag Empty Link to right column
  • add Collections below the Empty link
  • add a title to the Empty link
  • click Save

NOTE: You can also use Custom Link (instead of Empty Link). 

Using the Custom Link, you are able to add your Works page url
to the Custom Link url so that on your live website when the Navigation Category is clicked, the Portfolio Overview page comes up listing all collections with links to each one.

There is a limit of 10 drop-down sub-menus per category. More would be overwhelming to your collectors.


Drop-Down Menu Items are supported on any Gen 3 template released after Cosmic Chameleon.

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