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Integrate Your FASO Site with Facebook

FASO's Facebook (FB) integration allows you to do several things.

When you click on Facebook in the left-hand column of your FASO account Control Panel, under Marketing Integrations, you'll see the options with a corresponding mini-explanation.

Clicking on Facebook in left column, opens this screen:

Click on Learn More below each option.

Facebook Profile Icon

Put a Facebook icon on your FASO website that links to your Facebook Profile Page or Business Page.

Facebook Pixel

This adds an FB pixel tracking code to your site. 

Click here for an article on whether you really need this.

Facebook Blog Post Sharing

If you're a blogger, you can add your blog to Facebook. Clicking this link connects your personal FB page to your FASO site, allowing you to ultimately share your FASO Blog posts to your FB profile or business page upon publication of the blog post.

It also allows you to track and see Facebook activity you have with other FASO sites (other sites linked to FASO that you Liked, as well as paintings you have Liked).

It's not so much a marketing tool as it is a place to see your FASO FB activity.

See this FAQ:
How to Share Your Blog Post on Facebook

Your personal profile is always connected first. Any business/fan pages are added as additional pages. It's not possible to connect to only your FB business page.

Facebook Like Buttons via FASO Social Sharing Bar

This allows a website visitor to share your artwork on their Facebook wall as well as on their Pinterest and Twitter profiles.

  • in your FASO account control panel
  • click Social icon
  • for Use Social Sharing Bar On Artworks - Check Yes
  • for Social Bar Button Style - click the drop-down and select Icon only or Icon plus text
  • click Save Changes

See this FAQ:
Add LIKE Buttons to Art ~ How Like Buttons Work

FASO Artful Mail for Facebook

This allows you to add a subscribe form for your email newsletter to your FB page. This only works on a Business/Fan page, not a personal profile page.

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