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What is the difference between Categories and Collections?

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Terminology can be confusing, especially in the world of technology. This document will explain the difference between Categories and Collections.


Categories are the individual listings at the top or the side of your website. They are listed in the Navigation Bar. Their function is to guide, to navigate, your visitors through your site.

Navigation Categories inform the visitor as to the different content your site offers.

For example:

  • Home
  • About the Artist
  • Works Portfolio
  • Blog
  • Email Newsletter
  • Contact the Artist

Categories are set up by logging into your FASO control panel and clicking on Edit Navigation Bar

Our templates allow you to select up to 12 navigation categories.

You can reorder them and rename them to suit your personal needs.

See this FAQ: Manage Your Site Menu / Edit Navigation Bar


Collections are groupings of your artwork. Collections organize your work into groups based on a particular criteria, making viewing your work easier for your visitors.

Examples of Artwork Collections:

  • oil
  • acrylic
  • watercolor
  • sculpture
  • photography
  • new work
  • sold work
  • greeting cards and prints
  • figurative
  • landscapes
  • still lifes
  • portraits
  • pet portraits
  • studio work
  • plein air

NOTE: If you use sub-categories for collections, you will need to add each collection to the Edit Navigation Bar editing screen. This is not done automatically. 
For how to add sub-collections see Add Drop-Down Menu Items in Navigation Bar Categories.

The number of collections allowed is dependent upon your FASO Membership plan.

  • Intro allows for 3 collections
  • Silver allows for 7 collections
  • Gold and Platinum offer unlimited collections

See these FAQ:

When you decide to use collections, ALL artwork needs to be assigned to a collection in order for collections to function properly and have all artwork show on your website.


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