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The Daily Art Stream Explained and How to Be Included

The FASO Daily Art Stream (DAS) is a jpeg of small thumbnail images of artworks uploaded to a FASO artist's website the preceding day.

NOTE: if you are on our Intro Plan, art that you upload does not get promoted in the Daily Art Stream.

The DAS features a single art image per artist.

It automatically includes the last image that was uploaded in a batch of multiple uploads.

The DAS is included in these newsletters:

Every time a FASO artist uploads new artwork, the artwork will be featured in the DAS (as long as the guidelines are followed*), with the goal being to generate more traffic to your artist's website.

There are over 80,000 subscribers to our newsletters! Anyone can subscribe, whether a FASO artist, an art collector or simply an art enthusiast.

Click Here for About: The Daily Art Stream by FASO

Click Here to see the FASO Daily Art Stream on Pinterest

Click Here to see today's DAS

*DAS Requirements ~ Make Sure your Art is Included

To be included in the show, the art must be uploaded into your Art Portfolio. 

NOTE: if you are on our Intro Plan, art that you upload does not get promoted in the Daily Art Stream.

In addition to the title, make sure that the last artwork you upload during your engagement time has at least one of the following criteria included. The more the better!

  • medium
  • size dimensions
  • collection
  • price

This will verify that it is an image of artwork.

Why we require this info: 

When we first launched the Daily Art Stream, any image uploaded to one's Artwork portfolio was considered art. Then we noticed photos of artists' studios, pets and vacation pics in the DAS (some folks upload all images to their Artwork Portfolio). 

Since no one adds a medium, size, or price to their non-art image, requiring these few necessities ensures that only art is displayed in the DAS.

Multiple Uploads in One Day

If you upload more than 1 image in a day, then the last one you upload (the most recent) is the one the system will pick for the Daily Art Show (meaning the one that appears at the top of your art portfolio listing in your Control Panel).

Replacing an Image

If you replace an image that was in today's DAS, the system considers it a brand new image and takes it OUT of today's DAS because the original image is no longer available. The replaced image will then appear in tomorrow's show.

This may not work every time. The safest way to ensure an already-uploaded image makes it into tomorrow's DAS is to delete the listing in your portfolio and start the uploading process fresh.

If you really want each image you upload to appear in the DAS, you will want to upload only one image per day.

If you upload multiple images in a day, you can choose to REPLACE the images that did not get featured, one day at a time, as follows:

  • from FASO account control panel
  • click Artwork icon
  • click the image that you want to have featured
  • click Replace Image (to the right of the image)
  • Follow the prompts

Timing for Being Featured

Your piece must be uploaded prior to midnight Central Time (CT) to be in the following day's DAS, otherwise it will push a day forward.

An artwork uploaded at 11:30pm Central Time on January 1st will appear in January 2nd's art show.

However, an artwork uploaded at 11:30pm Pacific Time (1:30am Central) will appear in January 3rd's DAS.

FASO headquarters are located in in San Antonio Texas, Central Time Zone.

Placement of Images in the DAS

The placement of images is based upon an artist's Membership Level.

Artists also have the option of purchasing a Premium Listing.

The system automatically enters images for the DAS in the order that they are uploaded with Platinum listed at the top in the"Premium Listing" section, then Gold Plan member images followed by Silver and finished off with images from Intro Plan members in the bottom rows.

Someone posting at 1am would be one of the first ones listed at their plan level.

Premium Listing

This section shows at the top of the DAS and includes larger images.

You can select the artwork you want featured and choose the date you want your image to appear in the Premium Section.

Sorry, we can't guarantee that your art will display in the very first spot of the top section.

NOTE: We don't suggest purchasing a Premium Listing in the evening for the following day as the review might take 24 hours. Once approved, your image will appear in the top section.
The artwork chosen must be in your artwork portfolio.

Click Here for more info and to purchase a Premium Listing. Then follow these steps:

  • click on Start Your Premium Listing
  • click on Start New Ad
  • click on Start New Artwork Ad 
  • Fill out the form
  • Save Changes
  • continue to follow the prompts to Submit Payment
  • Wait for Ad Review and Approval

For more info, see this FAQ:
Premium Listing in DAS ~ Paid Ads

Artists with a FASO website plan get featured, even during their free trial. 

Artists with a free Contest Entry account are not included in the DAS.


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