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Thumbnails out of Focus, Blurry

Fuzzy Thumbnails

Images on the thumbnail pages are displayed in either a Masonry (aka Pinterest) or Row layout style. 

If you have narrow or thin images, they may not look sharp when using a template with Masonry layout, due to how Masonry functions.

Read more about Masonry vs Row here plus a list of templates grouped by Masonry or Row style.

Masonry is the wave of the future since it flows so nicely on mobile devices.

Our templates Diego and Chelsea are mobile responsive but display images in more of a row style (scaling thumbnails to same height).

Controlling thumbnail order is somewhat possible on these 2 templates, though the  images will reorganize themselves a bit, according to screen size.

To sharpen your thumbnails, first try this:

  • login to FASO account Control Panel
  • click Artwork icon (upper row)
  • click Edit the Works Display
  • for Use Variable Size Thumbnails, set to Yes
  • click Save Changes

Refresh your browser and take a look at your thumbnail page.

Other Options for Correcting Thumbnail Images:

Check to make sure your images are uploaded at the appropriate size. See this FAQ: Image Upload Size

Change Template. Diego or Chelsea are good choices for thumbnail layout if you have concerns.
See this FAQ: How do I change my template?

Contact Support and request that we attempt to control your Thumbnail Image size by adding a Site Element.


Please keep in mind that the Works and Collections overview pages are meant to show a list or grid of artworks. It's just a preview to be able to select an artwork to click on for detail info.

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